PRO88 Scoop

Innovation For Your Heavy Duty Work Environment

Hard to reach jobs are completed Safer, Easier and Faster with the patented, practical innovation of the BucketBarrow System.

Use this PRO88 multi-purpose scoop to make your life easier on site. With a built in hand grip and reinforced edge, it can be used as a hand shovel to fill up buckets and barrows with.

The wide mouth, tapered aluminium edge and large capacity make for a perfect dust pan. Simply sweep into the wide opening for a quick tidy up. Stabilise the scoop with built in foot platforms.



Site Work Sorted
Carry, pour and place materials quickly and safely with the multipurpose PRO88 Scoop. Its 12 litre volume integrates accurately into the PRO88 tray with load weight supported over the wheel for improved balance and carry capacity.

Maximum Functionality
The PRO88 Scoop’s strengthened wide mouth, aluminium blade edge and comfort moulded hand grip forms an ideal hand shovel for fast and accurate material collection, movement and distribution. PRO88 Scoop can also locate securely onto the rear handles of the PRO88 providing an ideal equipment caddy that maximises wheelbarrow carry capacity.

Quick and Easy Clean Up
The PRO88 Scoop is a strong and effective dustpan with two rear foot platforms for stability when collecting materials.

Volume 12 litre
Material thickness 2.8mm premium polypropylene strengthened with extra ribbing
Handle Comfort moulded main hand grip plus secondary grap handle
Scoop mouth Strengthened with integrated heavy duty aluminum blade

Easy To Assemble

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